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Landing Page WordPress plugin facilitates WordPress users and developers to create their own landing pages by theirselves. They can customize and add things in the provided layout for that page. It’s all up to you to make an interesting and attractive page for viewers that it has capability to attract visitors and can force them to click on the given options. In actual it describes your image regarding your things and increases the productivity and its rating. The best thing of this plugin is that you have different options to choose the most attract and favorable theme for your product’s presentation. Landing page has too many points which a user should be aware while making a landing page in which designing, color scheme, hints, and the size to displaying images and objects of that thing are very important.   

Attractive Features:

Landing Page WordPress plugin has many features that make it unique and effective for users. These features include:

·         It is very easy and simple to make a duplicate copy of an already existed page by using any template of this plugin, just make changes in it and you can design your own landing page for your WordPress. Moreover, split tests of A/B can also be done in variations.

·         It is easy in use and its application is very simple that you can make your own convention pages.

·         This plugin provide you a chance to make landing pages on your own WrodPress site and that’s amazing feature of it.

·         Visual editor is its one option that keeps you aware about the implementations of fly.

·         Landing pages increase the rates of conversion by using pre populate way according to the information of visitors.

·         It has another option to collect the lead activity and lead intelligence by using the Lead of WrodPress.

·         The landing page can be extended by applying the third party growing repository.

To have all these features this becomes essential for users especially for those who are new in using WordPress. It helps them in many ways to show off their productivity and to make landing pages for their websites.

Way to Create a Landing page with WordPress:

Here defines a way to create a landing page with Wordpress that is an easy step just follows the instructions below:

·         Open a new page for making landing page of your WordPress site for this, click on “Add New Page”

·         Go to the page attribute where you have to choose the one column then add images in it.

·         Always write short, but attractive headings that can impress viewers.

·         Add PMM (Primary Marketing Message) for your product, and then describe its functionality in a shorter paragraph.

·         At the end, but not the least in fact the most important thing is that mention contact buttons at the bottom of the page so that viewers can interact with you to get information or to purchase the product. After doing these steps, you become able to make Landing Page WordPress.




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